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As you can see, there have been some minor changes on the theme of the site and I re-enabled the comments. Yes, the comments that I disabled sometime ago. Since I usually post my comments here, it’s also fitting that I allow other people who wants to comments on the article.

For some unknown reason the site became unstable and have been down for 4 days now, it took me 3 whole days in order for to reinstall the WordPress and restore 99.99% of the articles, I will be working on to organize the category again, since the restoration process messed the whole thing up. Since I have a number of topics in draft, I’ll try to finish and publish them before the week ends, and get back into writing, linking and opining as soon as possible.

For now the site appears to be stable and working perfectly, hopefully I will not have the same problem in the near or foreseeable future.


Last modified: November 14, 2016

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