Photoshopped Php 30 peso bill of President Duterte going viral

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A photoshopped Php 30 peso bill of President Duterte has gone viral.

Created and posted on President Duterte Supporters facebook page with a caption “Mga ka-DDS payag ba kayo na magkaroon ng 30 peso bill na Duterte?” which roughly translate to “Are you will to have a 30 peso Bill that features President Duterte?”

With more than 1.2 million likes for the Facebook, the post quickly went viral amassing 18k reactions, more than 1k comments and have been shared for almost 8000 times. Some commenters are reacting to the photo used where President Duterte’s mouth is wide open and suggesting that his photo be placed on higher denominations like Php 5000 or 10,000.

Of course, the logic for using the Php 30 denomination is the association of Pres. Duterte’s name with the number 30, which was widely used during the campaign and election period.

What can you say about having a Php 30 bill with President Duterte’s image?

Last modified: December 28, 2016

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