Korean Basketball League doing the Mannequin Challenge in the middle of their All-Star Game

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We often see celebrities and sports personalities do the Mannequin Challenge but these are usually staged and in a control environment, but this Mannequin Challenge from the Korean Basketball League really takes the cake, since it they did it in the middle of their All Star Game.

The video (embedded below) was posted by Joon Lee, after missed three-points shot made by a Junior Player, all the players in court, coaching staff, refs and including those who are on the bench froze for at least 20 seconds before they continue the game. At the end of the video, it also showed that they players performed the Mannequin Challenge during the 3-point shootout.

All Star games is all about having fun and Korean Basketball League sure knows how to do it. It would be interesting if NBA attend similar challenge, specially with the 2017 All Star happening next month.

Last modified: January 25, 2017

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