Mark Zuckerberg’s challenge for 2017: visit and meet people from all 50 U.S. States

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After running 365 miles, building an AI for his home, reading 25 books and learning Mandarin, Mark Zuckerberg’s challenge for 2017 is to travel and meet people from all 50 US States.

Zuckerberg said, “After a tumultuous last year, my hope for this challenge is to get out and talk to more people about how they’re living, working and thinking about the future.” This challenge could actually help Facebook, by encouraging people to connect and use the service.

The challenge could also help Mark determine what future features or service that will be launch by the company, since Mark plans to meet people who are mostly in the working class and will most likely tell him how they use facebook in their day to day lives.

I’ve embedded Mark’s posts below;

Last modified: January 4, 2017

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