Philippines’ TNC Pro Team is the World Electronic Sports Game 2016 Champion for Dota 2 games

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Philippines’ TNC Pro Team has bagged the World Electronic Sports Game 2016 in the Dota 2 championship held in China.

In an article by Yugatech, The Philippines’ TNC Pro Team is composed of Raven, Kuku, Sam_H, Ryor and Tims, who defeated Cloud9 in a 2-1 run, with a major comeback play in the last 7 minutes of the game in a tightly contested best-of-three match.

The winner of the match secured a title of the World’s Championship and $800,000 (Php 40 million), while the loser was granted $400,000 (Php 20 million).

DOTA is probably one of the widely played MOBA video game in the country and with this win and last year’s championship at the International DotA 2 Championships (TI6) at the Seattle Center in the US, esports organizers, gaming company and endorsers will start taking notice of Filipino gamers.

image from WESG

Last modified: January 15, 2017

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