BCMMA Figther Joe Harding knocked out by a brutal kick for excessive shuffling

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Showmanship is a good thing specially in sports but too much showmanship well it could cost you the game. That’s what BCMMA Fighter Joe Harding found out when received a brutal kick to the head that knocked him cold.

It was in the middle of a BCMMA interim 145-pound amateur title fight between Joe Harding and Johan Segas. Harding was obviously the skilled fighter and he decided to put some color to their fight by imitating Muhammad Ali’s shuffle.

Everything was going Joe Harding’s way that he even made a comedic jump kick at one point, but Joe Harding got too carried away with his shuffling that he did not see Segas’ left kick coming and before Harding could recover, he was already crashing down on the canvas.

Johan Segas even manage to sneak a couple of punches in the face before the referee was able to break them up.

You can watch the video to see how Joe Harding was knocked out.

Here’s that brutal kick from a viewer’s perspective;

Looking at the news about Joe Harding, his loss was an big upset by Johan Segas.

Source: Bleacher Report
Image from @BCMMAUK

Last modified: February 20, 2017

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