An Uber Driver’s open letter to bring Dynamic pricing back

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Last month Uber Ph announced that they will temporarily implemented an artificial limit on their price surge until January 15, which was in response to LTFRB’s warning regarding dynamic or surge pricing during the holidays. It looks Nathan Solpico, an Uber driver felt the effect of the dynamic pricing being removed to the point that he wrote an open letter to both Uber and LTFRB.

In his facebook post he said,

I’m Nathan, 28 years old, single. I’ve Been driving uber for the past 6 months 65-80 driving hrs/week, experienced good times, bad times and worst situations.

He then shared some of his experience for being an Uber driver and the people that he helped.

I just want to share my first booking this nine o’clock in the morning. he’s a businessman together with his two employees they put the food and the things they use in their catering business inside the trunk, they are nice, they even gave me packed lunch for me to eat after. Their destination is not that far, it’s only 5 kilometers away so I guess there would be no problem at all. But the heavy traffic took as an hour and a half to get to their place. (Judge Nyo na lang yung picture.)

I’m not mad at the rider, I just believe that I helped a person to get his business done, I suddenly remembered that Lola from that Government hospital which I even lifted to get inside the car because of the lack of nurses to help us, also the kids and their Yayas which I brought to their school safely, the pregnant employee that badly needs to get home because they can’t even get a taxi during rush hours, the Parents who are excited to still see their kids awake even if it’s almost late, the OFW who have lots of pasalubong to bring to their loved ones, the Parents with four small children going to the mall during stormy days, also the couples who went to Victoria Court (nagalit sila sakin dahil di ko makita Pick up point nila for 10mins), also the Lolo who’s 93 years old traveling alone just to check his store in Binondo. And many many more experiences to share!

Solpico ended his letter saying that Uber is not for everybody and that dynamic pricing is one of the reason why he works hard as an Uber driver and go to that extra mile to provide an unforgettable service to his riders.

You see, Uber is not for everybody, drivers does not pick our destination where we want to go, we always give an extra mile to our services for you and your love ones to get to the destination safe and sound, DYNAMIC PRICING gives us motivation to work harder, we’re not forcing anybody to take an Uber ride, I believe that people who choose Uber daily are those who value more their time, their family and their security. Uber is not supposed to be cheap like this. Drivers also have a family to feed, bills to pay and body to take care. PLEASE PAKI BALIK ANG DYNAMIC PRICING!

As of this posting, Nathan’s post have been shared for more than 2.3k times, more than 9.3k people reacting to it and more than 800 comments.

For outsiders, Nathan Solpico’s letter may sound selfish, greedy even but what people don’t realize is that Uber is a premium service and if you want premium service you must be prepared to pay for it, which is why Uber was initially available to credit card holders only. I personally prefer using Uber or Grab, since the vehicles are clean and smells good, at the same time drivers are courteous.

You can read the full text of Nathan’s post here.

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Last modified: February 15, 2017

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