Russian MMA Fighter wins using helicopter guillotine choke

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It was a light heavyweight fight between Krzysztof Golaszewski, from Poland and Afghanistan native, Ajmal Atalwal, for the Octagon Fighting Sensation 11 card in Moscow, Russia on Saturday, March 4.

Golaszewski appears to be going for a take down but Ajmal Atalwal got a headlock on the Polish fighter, that’s when Atalwal decided to take Golaszewski for a spin raising both of his foot in the air. The ref immediately intervene before declare Ajmal Atalwal as the winner of the match.

The match only lasted for 40 seconds, you can watch the video below;

That helicopter guillotine choke, is a move that I never thought possible in an MMA match, since its something that we often see in a WWE match. I guess I was wrong.

Source: Rappler

Last modified: March 5, 2017

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