This Guy built an iPhone 6s using parts he bought from Chinese Flea Market

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If you think that building your own iPhone is next to impossible, well think again. DIY blogger Scotty Allen who is currently based in China just showed us that you can built your own (refurbished) iPhone 6s using recycled parts bought from the Chinese Flea Market.

Scotty Allen, who previously worked as an software engineer in Silicon Valley now in Shenzhen, China for more than a year and a half, started the video “..with all these cellphone parts in the markets. I wonder if you can build your own phone?” which is what he documented in his more than 20 minutes of video and spending around $1300 for his 16 GB iPhone 6s. The phone itself only cost around $300, but he spent an extra $1000 for tools and other items that did not even use.

It’s unclear if the iPhone 6s that Scotty built will work as good and as secured as the iPhone 6s sold by Apple, but the fact that he was able to built and run iOS on the phone proves that with patience, ingenuity and at least $1,300 in your pocket, you can built your own iPhone 6s from recycled parts.

Last modified: April 18, 2017

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