Internet’s reaction to Jamito’s now famous side-step slamdunk

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Jamito’s side-step slamdunk (above) during the second leg of the PBA All Star Week 2017 is one of the most entertaining dunk that I have seen, not the most spectacular, not the most creative but entertaining and it’s getting a lot of mix reaction from Facebook and Twitter users.

Facebook users who are not happy with the dunk;

Twitter is a little forgiving but there a few who reacted negatively;

Of course there are those who understand the real reason why there’s a PBA All Star every year, which is for the fans and for them to enjoy and see their favorite PBA Players up close.

Whether you like Jamito’s dunk or not, we all need to chill and just consider the entertainment value the slam dunk contest.

Last modified: April 28, 2017

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