Taxi drivers have nothing to blame but themselves for the decline of their income

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Drivers Unite for Mass Progress and Equal Rights (DUMPER) complained that the decline in profits of regular taxi driver is caused by the presence of TNC operations like Uber and Grab.

Taxi drivers and operators are always quick to blame that the decline of their profit are cause by these so called Transportation Network Company (TNC) but what they failed to see is that they’re mostly to blame.

Before Grab, Uber and other Transportation Network Company (TNC) taxi have a culture of refusing riders, negotiating for a higher fare or choosing their passenger, specially if the destination is far and it’ll be an inconvenience for the driver. I’m not including that fact that their vehicle are dirty, smelly and old, AGAIN not all of them, I rode a lot of clean and smelly taxis before but those dirty, smelly and old just stands out.

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Now comes these new breed of transport group, I consider them a transport group because they’re affiliated to these ride sharing service provider; Grab, Uber and other TNC. The first thing that you will notice it that their cars are new, clean, smells good and their drivers are pleasant as well. You do not need to wait under the heat of the day (or rain), since you can book online at the convenience of your home, they’re the one who will be waiting for you and not the other way around. You can also talk to TNC drivers but if you’re not in the mood to talk they don’t mind that as well. TNC drivers just do what they need to do, drive you to your destination as fast and safely as possible, and if you setup your credit card as your payment option, you just get off the car no question asked.

If you’re a heavy taxi commuter, I encourage you try Uber or Grab at least once, so you can at least see for yourself why more and more people are switching to TNC and ditching Taxis.

In order for taxi driver and operator to compete with TNC, they need to change their culture, they need to think of themselves as a service provider and not just another way to get from point A to point B.

Everytime they have a passenger, they need to keep asking themselves these questions;

  1. Is the passenger comfortable?
  2. Is the trip fast and safe?
  3. Did I (driver) made an impression with the passenger?
  4. Will he ride with me again?
  5. Did passenger enjoy the trip?

Taxis already have city regulation on their side and that’s already a big advantage for them, if taxi driver and operator can change that old culture and become a customer service representative, I think more and more people will choose to ride a taxi over Uber or Grab.

Last modified: April 1, 2017

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