Senate approves Senate Bill 1363 for final reading

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With a 22 – 0 voting, the Senate approved the Bill No. 1363 or more popularly known as the “Telecommuniting act of 2017,” a bill that will protect home-based workers for equal pay, leave benefits, and promotion as their office-based counterparts. It also encourages companies to implement a “work from home” policy.

Senate Bill No. 1363, co-authored by Sen. Joel Villanueva and Sen. Cynthia Villar, define “telecommuting” a the partial or total substitution of computers or telecommunication technologies, or both, for the commute to work by employees. The bill is also seen as a way to help ease the traffic crisis in urban cities particularly in Metro Manila.

In order to be a law, the bill needs to be approve on its final reading. A similar bill have been filed in the House of Congress but it is still pending in the committee reading.

You can read the full text of Senate Bill No. 1363 here.

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Last modified: May 23, 2017

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