This rider just trolled LTO with his “customized” plate number

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If you just bought a new vehicle in the Philippines, you probably know that Land Transportation Office (LTO) currently have a “backlog on car (and other vehicles) plates and driver’s license cards since last year because of pending legal issues.”

It looks like one motorcyclist had enough and took matters in his own hands by trolling LTO with his “personalized” plates. Using a very large board, he printed “No Plate Available, Replublika Nang Walang Plaka!!!

Then ended the it with “No To Double Plate”

The photos was taken and posted by Facebook user Marcos Khino.

As of this posting, the photos have been shared for more than 239 times, got more than 1.2K reactions and 183 comments.

Last modified: July 31, 2017

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