Uber Philippines is back in Operation

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After paying the hefty fine of Php190 million and a total of Php 489.244 million that includes the financial assistance for drivers, Uber is now back and operational.

The company said that they “expect to be fully operational in the coming days”.

Of course, the riding public are more than happy to know that Uber is now back and that they can start booking for rides.

Other users are posting promo codes for a Php 50 discount on your first uber ride;

It looks like Grab is also a victim in all of this Uber-LTFRB drama, since users are starting to delete the Grab app, may be because of their dissatisfaction on the service and since they can now use Uber.

The Php 489.244 million that Uber paid for both the financial assistance and LTFRB fines, is just a drop in the $11.5 billion that Uber has raised from 14 rounds of venture capital and private equity investors.

Last modified: August 29, 2017

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