Zark’s Burger one-day P8 burger promo went viral, really really viral!

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To celebrate Zark’s 8 years anniversary, the Taft-based Burger chain launched a one-day only promo in each of their store.

On their facebook page, the restaurant said “On our 8th anniversary (August 28, 2017), first 80 customers can avail our Zark’s Ultimate Burger for only P8!” Zark’s Ultimate Burger normally cost P149, so the P8 means that there is more or less 95% discount on the burger.

But what Zark didn’t expect is the reception for the promo, from the different social media posts it appears that Zarks got more than what they’ve bargain for.

Checkout some of the social media post regarding Zark’s P8 promo;

Depending on where you are standing, the promo is an ‘epic fail’ since you where not able to taste Zark’s Ultimate Burger.

If you’re Zark’s, it’s safe to say that the P8 promo is a success, I mean no amount of money can pay for the publicity that Zark’s Burger got out of their promo and even if they increase the number to the first 1000 customers, it’s still worth it.

Last modified: August 29, 2017

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