Gal Gadot shares 19 seconds of Wonder Woman bloopers

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The Wonder Woman film is already a box office hit, earning a whopping $814.6 million from a budget of $149 million, making it the sixth highest-grossing film of 2017. Of course the production of the film won’t be complete without any bloopers, which Gal Gadot happily shared, all 19 seconds of it.

The 19 seconds of Wonder Woman bloopers, most of which we can see and hear her giggle, earned her the name “Giggle Gadot”, which is pretty obvious in the video.

Here’s an early blooper video that she posted earlier this month.

As hinted by Gal Gadot herself, these bloopers and more will be included on the Blu-ray and DVD when it becomes available this September 19, 2017, but it safe to say that with or without the additional bloopers, Wonder Woman is a great addition to anyone’s movie library.

Source: Screenrant

Last modified: September 10, 2017

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