Intel announces the 8th Gen Intel Core Desktop Processor

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Intel has announced the 8th Gen Intel Core Processor, calling it best gaming desktop processor.

There will be 3 new 8th Gen Intel Core chips in different variants;

  • Core i3 (8350K/8100), (new) quad-core desktop processor, up to 4 threads at 4 GHz
  • Core i5 (8600K/8400), 6 cores/6 threads, up to 3.6 GHz, boost to 4.3 GHz
  • Core i7 (8700K/8700), 6 cores/12 threads, up to 3.7 GHz, boost to 4.7 GHz
Press photos;

Unlocked “K”-series chips are for overclocking to improve performance. Intel added new features to the “K” series chips like per core overclocking, max memory ratio up to 8,400 MT/s, real-time memory latency control, extended PLL trim controls, enhanced package power delivery, and updated Intel® Extreme Tuning Utility and Intel® Extreme Memory Profile.

Price list;
  • Intel Core i7-8700K: $359
  • Core i7-8700: $303
  • Intel Core i5-8600K: $257
  • Intel Core i5-8400: $182
  • Intel Core i3-8350K: $168
  • Intel Core i3-8100: $117

The new family of 8th Gen Intel Core desktop processors will be available for purchase on the 5th of October 2017 and will be in OEM system by the end of the year.

Last modified: September 25, 2017

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