Kevin Durant shuts down Ball hater on Twitter

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It looks like GSW Forward Kevin Durant is not only great in playing basketball, he is also good in photography and a master in shutting down haters on social media, particularly on twitter.

The story stated when Kevin Durant applaud the young LaMelo Ball for receiving a Lamborghini for his 16th birthday, gifted to him by his enigmatic dad Lavar Ball.

Then a certain twitter user Raejhon Johnson, challenged KD;

Of course, like a nasty cross-over move, KD gave the sickest burn;

Then Raejhon went on to salvage what little he has left from that KD burn and Durant kept coming back with the most appropriate reply;

Other twitter users joined the discussion and was burnt as well;

In the end NBA Champ Kevin Durant, showed us that being poor does not mean that you’ll be a great basketball player than the guy with a Lambo. It comes down to determination, passion and love for the game.

Image from Slam Online

Last modified: September 4, 2017

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