This passenger drove the taxi while its driver takes a quick nap

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Here’s something we don’t see everyday, a passenger driving a taxi while the driver sleeps in the rear seat. That’s what actually happen with Cristina Tan, as she recounts what happened to her in a facebook post.

Here’s what she posted;

First time ko mag drive ng taxi. Haha
While on the road sabi ni tatay (taxi driver) lipat nalang daw ako dahil hindi nya kaya mag drive sa sobrang antok, sabi ko delikado naman kung baba ako somewhere hindi ko alam kung makakasakay agad ako so i insist ako na ang mag drive dahil malayo pa ang bahay ko from our location at first ayaw niya nahihiya at akala nya hindi ako marunong mag drive ng manual. Pero pinilit ko nalang para maka idlip sya habang traffic. Nung ako na ang nag ddrive nakatulog agad sya at humihilik pa. Habang nasa byahe ang dami pumapara sa taxi tapos nagugulat at natatawa dahil babae ang driver. Anyway, 70yrs old na si tatay sabi nya panahon pa ni marcos taxi driver na sya at puro babae anak kaya naghahanap buhay pa rin till now. Ginising ko nalang si tatay nung nakarating na kami sa bahay ko. Wala lang gusto ko lang i share kasi first time ko. Haha

Here’s a lose retelling of Cristina Tan’s post.
While on the her way home in a taxi, the driver asked her to move to another cab, since he can no longer drive because of drowsiness. So instead of going thru the hassle of waiting for another taxi in the middle of “who knows where”, Cristina insisted that she just drive the taxi while “tatay” takes a quick rest, since its still a long way from her destination.

Even though the driver is not sure if she knows how to drive manual (transmission) car and embarrass of the situation, he eventually let Ms. Tan drive the taxi. As soon as Cristina Tan is the one driving, the driver (tatay) immediately fell asleep in the rear seat, he even snores.

While on the road, a lot of commuters tried to stop the her (taxi) that she’s driving. She added that the taxi driver is already 70 years old and have been driving, since the time of President Ferdinand Marcos and all his children at girls that’s the reason why he is still working. She wakes up “tatay” when they arrive at her destination.

As of this writing, Cristina Tan’s post have been share for more than 20k times, got more than 217k reactions and more than 10k comments.

It was a win-win for both Cristina Tan and the cab driver; she got home safe, he got his much needed rest, she had fun driving a cab and got a viral story out of it, which is not bad.

Last modified: September 19, 2017

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