Someone organized a Naruto Run in UP Los Baños, and hundreds of students joined the event

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To “escape from the tiring academics of the students,” UP Los Baños Engineering Students Adriel Alfred U. Palomar organized the first ever “Naruto Run” at the university grounds of UP Los Baños.

Hundreds of students took part in the event, some event wore the orange costume of Naruto and headbands of the different Nija village of the Naruto verse. Naruto is a popular anime about Ninja, that swept the country for more than 15 years.

Photos and videos of the event is posted on the UPLB Perspective FB page, the university’s official student publication and have gone viral.

Naruto Run at UPLB

2nd half of the live video with the Boruto’s Dad Run proper

As of this posting both videos of have garnered a total of 95k views, while the photos have been shared for more than 4.5k times.

Of course people can’t help but comment about the event.

Here’s a short video on the science behind the “Naruto Run”.

Last modified: September 28, 2017

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