With Made by Google, Say Goodbye to Your Privacy

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Last Thursday, Google just announce a slew of new products, a convertible tablet, Smartphones and a number of IoT that will make it easy for anyone to be connected and document their everday life, even without their smartphones and computer device.

There is however a common theme in Google’s product announcement, which is “with your permission” and “machine learning” a.k.a. the Google Assistant, the Made by Google device will automatically adjust to your personal preference and to what the AI thinks is perfect for you, which where I think consumer or users of these new “Made by Google” devices should worry.

Google already knows things about us that we usually take for granted like the places we been to and plans to visit, contents of our email and of course our online habits.

However with these new devices, Google will be able to listen to our conversation, things that we like and love to listen to, the people that we converse to and last but not the least, Google will be able to watch us on the things that we do in our own house. If you think about it, Google practically can actually watch or should I say monitor every facet of our life, be it online or offline.

Last modified: October 17, 2017

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