This photo of Jollibee receiving “Mano” from an elderly is now viral

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Mano or Pagmamano is probably one of the few Filipino words that do not have an English translation and probably a practice that can only be seen amongst Filipinos, with that said a photo (embedded below) of Jollibee receiving “Mano” from an elderly is shows the Filipino culture as a whole.

A little history, Mano or Pagmamano is a gesture used in Filipino culture performed as a sign of respect to elders and as a way of accepting a blessing from the elder. This is similar to the bowing of Japanese and to hand-kissing.

Jollibee though a business, have been ingrained in our culture as a place of not just for eating but also to spend time with family and friends, specially on occasions like birthdays, graduation and other celebrations.

Here are the reaction that the photos received;

One user said that the elder giving the “Mano” is his Grandfather.

As of this writing, the tweet have been retweeted for more than 18k times, more than 74k likes and more than 100 comments.

Last modified: October 3, 2017

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