President Rodrigo Duterte responds to boy’s video request for his Nationality Report

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Eleven years old Andre Custodio of Fresno Adventist Academy, will have his Nationality report on the 15th of November, in order to have the best report in the class, Andre Custodio wrote a heartfelt letter to Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte requesting for a short video “saying hello to him, his teacher, Mrs. Ricchiuti [Ri-kyu-ti] and his my classmates” but there’s one problem Andre wrote the letter in a piece of paper.

To get the word out, his mother Almyra, posted the letter on her Facebook account (embedded above) hoping that it will reach our good President. After 24 hours since she posted the letter, Mrs. Custodio posts went viral and was shared for more than 8.3K times and received more than 3.4K reactions. You know what else? It reached the President of the Philippines and a video reply, which was posted by Special Assistant to the President Christopher Bong Go; saying that he “received his (Andre) letter request and most happy to oblige“.

The video, embedded above, which is less than 50 seconds have since went viral; viewed for more than 661k times and shared for more than 13k times. The video may be short, but it will surely make Andre’s report great, after all it’s not everyday that a President of a country reply to 11 year old boy’s request.

Last modified: October 30, 2017

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