Edward Snowden helped develop an app that will turn your Android phone to a surveillance device

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The title probably says it all and the app is called Haven.

Haven uses the built-in sensors of the phone to turn it into a surveillance system. For example, the phone’s accelerometer is use as a motion detector, the camera to take pictures and video of the surroundings and of course the microphone will records audio in the environment.

Haven only saves images and sound when triggered by motion or volume, and stores everything locally on the device. You can position the device’s camera to capture visible motion, or set your phone somewhere discreet to just listen for noises. Get secure notifications of intrusion events instantly and access the logs remotely or anytime later.

Haven was developed through a collaboration between Snowden, Freedom of the Press Foundation and Guardian Project. Edward Snowden even has a video explaining the concept behind Haven.

You can download Haven from the Google Play, just in case it becomes unavailable, you also get it from open source Android app store F-Droid or get Haven’s APK files from the GitHub releases page.

Last modified: December 27, 2017

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