Elon Musk posted photos of the Tesla Roadster the he will launch inside the Falcon Heavy rocket

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When SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that he’ll send a Tesla Roadster to space, a lot of people though it was just a joke or that he is crazy, but it looks like Musk is dead serious in sending a car to space, after he posted photos (embedded below) of a red Tesla Roadster mounted on what looks like the inside of a rocket.

Together with the Roadster’s photos, Musk explains that the he is sending the Roadster to space to simulate cargo on a rocketship which we can assume the Falcon Heavy, which is understandable specially if you plan to create a human colony on Mar. So instead of concrete or steel blocks, he wanted to something exciting hence the car.

The “cargo” will be the original Tesla Roadster and playing David Bowie’s Space Oddity, targeting “a billion year elliptic Mars orbit.”

SpaceX just completed its 18th launch for 2017 and is currently on its final pre-launch test for Falcon Heavy with its three (3) rocket cores at Cape Canaveral, which Elon promised we will all like.

Last modified: December 24, 2017

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