VLC 3.0 “Vetinari” out now, supports Chromecast, 8k and HDR videos

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VideoLAN, just release VLC 3.0 for all computing platform. It’s the first major release of the media player in three years.

VLC development team include features to the VLC 3.that will put other media player to shame, both paid and freeware. By default, it activates hardware decoding to provide support for 4K and 8K videos, 10bits and HDR playback, 360° video and 3D audio, audio passthrough for HD audio codecs, streaming to Chromecast devices (even in formats not supported natively), playback of Blu-Ray Java menus and adds browsing of local network drives. VLC 3.0 is also optimized for the iPhone X’s infamous notch.

If the last paragraph sounds too technical for you, just remember that VLC just got a lot better and can now play high resolution videos. Because of its versatility, VLC 3.0 will mostly likely be use to play pirated videos that are downloaded online or shared thru torrent sites.

You can download the latest version of VLC 3.0 here.

Here, you can watch the media player in action.

Last modified: February 11, 2018

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